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Life and poker

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Starting to put in some time again
  AcroN, May 20 2009

Now that iv got vacation, and i'm done with what little partying for celebrations i did, i have started to play some again. Jumped right back into the 20$ SnGs, but now i'm playing both 6-max turbos and 6-max turbo double or nothings. Pretty much started out like it always does when i start playing poker again, just running like complete and utter trash.

The graph will show you what i mean, it's not many games as i'm not really a SnG player. But take a guess at where i started playing again the other day!

Aiming for 30 SnGs a day like i said earlier, so far iv done alright with the days i'm home. But been spending a lot of time with the girlfriend, so not all days i'm home at all. Hopefully ill manage to weigh up for some of it, by playing twice the amount on some days. But we'll see how it goes!

Wish me luck and a better run at this shit


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  AcroN, May 15 2009

Finished my last exam yesterday at 3. So now its officially vacation time!

The last one was another oral exam, so already got the grades today. I did pretty good in this one, scoring a B. Really happy with my performance there. And it weighs up for my shitty draw and performance on the first were i got a D. Now ill have to wait 3-4 weeks until the grades from the 2 written exams come in to see how the rest turned out.

Gonna try starting poker again asap. Probably won't be until Sunday or Sunday though. There's a big "Sensation White Theme Party" tomorrow at the top of the student building in the middle of Kongsberg. There will be a DJ playing all night, some company is coming over with their equipment to hold a light / laser show up there too. Night before 17th is a special party night for us, since 17th of May its like our national day. So gonna be pretty much partying all night!


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Exams, hollidays and poker
  AcroN, May 09 2009

Finished 2 / 4 exams so far, and iv been rather dissapointed by my own performance. Been studying a lot, stopping all my usual partying, gym and other random activity's. Spent up to 10 hours at school everyday, just reading and doing tasks. But still when the exams have come up, iv performed really lousy.

First one was an oral exam, and i just drew some really bad topics. And whenever i actually hit some spots i could talk about, it seemed like the teacher was more interested in something else. An example was routing, were i was gonna fire up some talk about Dijkstra algorithm (just bear with me, if you got no clue what i am talking about) and he just went like: "Oh, i am sure you already know Dijkstra, can't you tell me something more about "insert topic here".

Next one was a written exam for Signal treatment, and id been killing the practice tasks all day long. Finishing up old exams and stuff fairly well. Like the 08 exam, the two first tasks was for 70% of the total score and i could do it perfectly. Leaving me for a minimum of a decent C. But with the exam we got, i was messing around even at the first task. It was the same kind of tasks, but all the numbers and equations were a lot harder. And without a calculator (no help allowed) it was a mess right of the bat, and it kinda shock my confidence. No grades for awhile, but i am pretty sure that didn't go to well either.

Only one week left now, and two more exams. Got one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. Hopefully ill manage to do better inn these, like having a good draw on the last one for another oral presentation. After this i plan on finally going out and drinking some again with my friends, been skipping a few good party's lately. Last weekend was my birthday, and i spent the entire Saturday inside studying for my exams!

Other than that, seems like i won't be getting my normal job this summer. Seeing as they don't need anyone extra this year, maybe just a couple of weeks to rotate vacations around among some of the guys. I am planing on getting my ass started on some poker again, and ill be trying to play 1000 SnG's asap after i am done with school. Hopefully ill be able to manage a 5% ROI on the games i play (20$ SnG's) and make around 2k (RB included) real fast so i can boost up my roll again and play some different games. Wanna be able to play 50 and 100NL 6-max / HU and also 20-50$ SnG's.

Don't think i am gonna put a time frame on myself for this, seeing as iv got some catching up to do with party's and friends. Plus iv got a girl i really enjoy spending time with now day's. But i figure i should be able to do it in a month, 33 SnG's per day. Probably nothing to most grinders around here, but iv got issues with sitting on the computer to much. It bores me to death.... With this amount, i should be able to keep up, even if i go away or can't play a couple of day's during a month which eventually is gonna happen.

I also wanna go visit Kalle again this summer, as i had a lot of fun with him last time. He said i should come for a week or something to Bergen, and we could grind out some hands and also enjoy summer. So that's something ill definitively do even though i am pretty broke right now.

Well gonna finish up this wall of text now, get myself in the shower and wait for my visitor! We are gonna make some lasagna, and just enjoy the weekend.


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